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Glass Reinforced Concrete


The GRC division of Synaxis can boast to be one of the leading manufacturers of exquisite architectural and design products offered in a comprehensive line of materials, the reinforced concretes (GRC). We have had the pleasure of working on some of the region’s finest and beautiful building projects.

Glass Reinforced Concretes

Glass Reinforced Polymer

Glass Reinforced Gypsum


Composite pipes of Synaxis covers extensive quality and reliability rsultinf rom our rigorous quality control operations and testing.


Our GRC products have superior srngth to weight ratio giving it high strength property attached to our GRC products


The durability of our products can help them withstand extremely harsh environment and it could last to the buildings lifecycle

Light weight

The GRC products from Synaxis has low weight uto 2 to 4lbs per square foot. This means faster installation, less structural  framing  and lower shipping cost .


Our products of GRC are extremely flexible so that it can be moulded  to virtually any shapes or forms. 

Fire resistant

Our GRC products are highly resistant to firem, chemicals and other external environmental  factors.

Seemless construction

The ductability and flexibility  of GRC products  are unmatched . This helps in seamless  construction  capabilities .

GRC Projects

For nearly a decade, Synaxis readymix has played a key role in the regional infrastructure development. We have been the a renowed name in the most iconic projects across the country. 

Latest News

Latest News